Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Prayer for Gaza

I'll be short. It has become clear (as though we needed clarifying) that the state of Israel is devoted to nothing less than a project of genocide against the people of Gaza. Since Israel intensified the occupation in December 2008, the violence has escalated beyond what many of us could have imagined. Israel has rained down phosphorus bombs on UN facilities, approximately 1,000 people have been murdered in this war, nearly a third of them children.

Our tax dollars fund these atrocities yet our government says nothing. The brutality that is being unleashed on these people is immoral and unconscionable. But the fact is, I have felt powerless to do anything about it other than giving money, complaining loudly about it to anyone who will listen, and participating in solidarity demos.

My husband felt the same and decided to make his small contribution by writing a song about these horrors and expressing his solidarity with the people of Gaza. It's called "A Prayer for Gaza" and I am honored to have been able to participate by providing the vocals for the track. By tomorrow I'll have a slide show up with the song for your listening/viewing pleasure. Check out the song and let us know what you think. In the meantime, you can see the lyrics here. If you live in the Austin area please be sure to come out to the "Solidarity with Gaza" rally being held on Saturday at the Capitol on 11th and Congress, January 17, 2:00-5:00pm. There'll be speakers, poets, and live performers at this gathering to support the people of Gaza and take a collective stand against the genocidal, apartheid policies of the state of Israel. For more information on how you can get involved in local organizing efforts check out


A Prayer for Gaza

Gaza, so far away
Blood spills as bombs rain
Over Gaza
Gaza, they don't explain
The crimes of history
And why you feel that way
Oh, Gaza
I pray for you

Oh say, can you see, an alliance, so unholy
Oh say, can you see, an alliance, so unholy
As King David's drones
Vaporize the homes
And they send in tanks
To fight kids with stones
And the trees and grass
Have all burned to ash
Cause the stars and stripes
Ponied up the cash
As they gasp for breath
Or they starve to death
While the army kills
And the world stands still

Gaza, soon come the day
When you see justice
And you can heal your pain
Oh Gaza,
I pray for you
What can we do
No time to lose
It's up to you

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