Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Hello All!
Welcome to Wanderlust! Alas, I swore I wouldn't do it but after being given an iPod for Christmas, I realized that sometimes, following a trend isn't always a bad thing.
In any case, I hope you'll enjoy my blog. As a child I moved around A LOT, thanks to my parents' decision to be all they, poor, colored folks could be. As a result, I developed an acute case of Wanderlust that makes it absoultely impossible for me to be in any one place for too long.
This Wanderlust isn't merely restricted to my need to frequently change my physical environment. It refers to my intellectual and political interests which are varied and carry me in any direction the wind may blow.
Upcoming blogs will include my trips to Nicaragua where I do research on the Atlantic Coast of that country, a possible trip to Guatemala, and my musings on all manner of topics from R. Kelly (who I despise...grrr....) to the war in Iraq to the racial/gender politics of pop culture. If it's out there, I'm thinking about it.
So read on, thanks for stopping by and enjoy!


dykeumentary said...

Courtney, i love you! i look forward to reading you have to say. Have a safe, great trip, and please post frequently!

Raja said...

Hi Courtney,
nice blog! look forward to reading more posts. have a nice trip!