Thursday, December 29, 2005

So I'm heading off to Nicaragua for 3 weeks but before I bounce I wanted to spotlight a place that is very special to me.
For more than 10 years an amazing couple have worked to bring African American culture, history and political struggle to folks in Killeen, Texas. For those of you who don't know Killeen is truly located in the belly of the beast. A military town if there ever was one, Killeen is home to thousands of soldiers stationed at Fort Hood, one of the largest permanent military installations in the entire world (I do not exaggerate). I know this because after my parents left the army (evidently they decided they had been all that they intended to be) we settled back down in Killeen and I spent the remainder of my childhood there.
Now being staunchly anti-war (although I deeply empathize with the losses and sacrifices of our service women and men) it is always a bit surreal to return home and witness the unquestioned patriotism and loyalty of my hometown.
And then I go to Under One Roof where Babatunde (who shed his slave name years ago) and his wife, the incredible and incomparable Miss Johnnie Mae (also lovingly known as Yetunde). I consider this couple to be my political godparents of sorts and their bookstore has been a space of political growth and development for me since 1999. I love going here because it reminds me that even in the midst of what seems to be overwhelming insanity there are always spaces of resistance where we can go to nurture our rebellious spirits. I thank Under One Roof for being one of many such spaces for me.
As for all you readers, it is critical that in this age of corporate mergers and megabusiness that we all actively support local businesses that strengthen our communities. For more information about Under One Roof check out SUPPORT BLACK/BROWN/ASIAN/REBEL BUSINESS! Capitalism might suck but until the revolution comes and we have something better let's not get pushed out of the game we're in.

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